VITA Assist

The VITA Assist software currently combines the VITA ShadeAssist and VITA ToothConfigurator modules.

With VITA Assist, tooth shades determined by the VITA Easyshade are recorded and communicated professionally. The Windows-based PC software combines digital patient photos with all relevant patient tooth shade information. At the same time, it allows for the case documentation and provides the basis for intensive exchange between the dental practice and laboratory.

VITA Assist. Professional tooth shade communication and documentation for the dental practice and laboratory

VITA Assist actively supports the selection of appropriate CAD/CAM materials, in the layering of ceramic restorations and in the fabrication of complex restoration solutions, even for the most difficult cases. You will benefit from features such as:

  • Wireless transmission of VITA Easyshade data
  • Professional post-processing of patient photos for optimum documentation
  • Integration option for digital X-ray images, detailed photos and contour images
  • Versatile comment functions
  • Active support functions for the selection of the most appropriate materials for each individual case

VITA ShadeAssist

  • Perfect interface between the dental practice and laboratory
  • Allows the shade to be communicated without errors
  • In doing so, it minimizes the costs for sustainable shade determination and corrections

VITA ToothConfigurator

  • Interactive consultation module
  • Includes the patient in planning the implant

Scope of full and light versions

  • Light version (Contains the VITA ShadeAssist and a demo version of the VITA ToothConfigurator)
  • Full version (Contains the VITA ShadeAssist and the VITA ToothConfigurator)
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VITA ToothConfigurator Anwendungsbild 2
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Software products

VITA Assist
Description Prod. no.
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, german) DASSISTSETD05
VITA Assist Set (Full version, english) DASSISTSETE05
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, french) DASSISTSETF05
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, italian) DASSISTSETI05
VITA Assist Set (Full Version, spanish) DASSISTSETSP05

VITA Assist Software

Contains VITA ShadeAssist and Demoversion VITA ToothConfigurator

User manuals

No. 10199 VITA Shade Assist (Version 001)


No. 1779 VITA FDS – Firing Data System VITA Operating manual (Version 001)


No. 1882 VITA Assist Short description (Version 002)


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