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VITA Firing Paste

Ready-to-use, fireproof material for simple and fast fabrication of individual firing trays. The soft, creamy consistency results in exceptional processing characteristics.

Inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns can be easily fixed on platinum pins or directly on the firing tray or fibrous pad.

After firing, the material can be easily removed from the firing object.

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Accessories universally
Description Prod. no.
Tin S black, (3 work containers 90 ml with sieve and Acrylic tweezers) E008
VITA Firing Paste, 3 x 12 ml / 12 ml
Description Prod. no. 3 x 12 ml Prod. no. 12 ml
large package EFP123V2 -
standard package - EFP12V2
Product information brochure up to 4 pages

Instructions for use VITA FIRING PASTE (Version 001)

Hazardous Substance Sheets

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