Options for custom coloring zirconia restorations

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Zirconia restorations can either be dipped for monochromatic shading or they can be hand painted for custom coloring. 

Immersion Technique:

  1. Fill a clean, dry and dark container with the SHADE LIQUID to completely cover the restoration.
  2. Use metal-free tweezers to dip the cleaned restoration into the coloring liquid for 15 seconds.
  3. Remove the restoration and dab carefully with a tissue to prevent the formation of puddles.
  4. Seal the container properly. Do not refill any used liquid into the bottle since it may be contaminated with ceramic dust. The liquid can be stored in the container up to one week; then it must be poured away and new liquid must be used.
  5. Dry the restoration under a suitable infrared lamp (power: 250 watts) for 45 minutes. In the case of larger, dense structures (diameter larger than 10 mm), it is recommended to extend the predrying time to 60 minutes. Alternatively, the heating time can be extended in the Pre-Dry program.

Paint/Brush Technique:

  1. Dip a metal-free brush (YZ HT SHADE LIQUID Brush) quickly into the liquid and then wipe off on the edge of the bottle or dab with a tissue. Use the same procedure for every brush stroke.
  2. Paint the restoration using the brush in accordance with the predefined pattern. In order to prevent the liquid from being thinned out and to avoid contamination, always wash and dry the brush thoroughly after use and whenever a different color is used.
  3. Seal the bottle tightly after coloring.
shade liquid brush technique

Graphic representation of the brush technique using the example of a posterior tooth

Keep the brush and the liquid away from metal (e.g. modeling instruments, devices,
etc.) in order to prevent contamination. If using additional shades, make sure to clean the brush thoroughly in order to prevent contamination with other shades.

Make sure that the surface of the restoration is not too smooth in order for the penetration of the liquid not to be affected. To achieve consistent coloring results, any dust or grease must be removed from the restorations before use.  When using coolants or lubricants during mechanical fabrication, a cleaning cycle in a dental furnace is required before coloring to remove them from the porous structure. Do not wet the restoration before coloring. Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use! The use of disposable gloves is recommended to obtain a surface free from grease.

YZ Shade Liquids are available in VITA Classical and 3D Master shades.