VITA ENAMIC® Polishing Set

For simple pre- and high-gloss polishing of VITA ENAMIC hybrid ceramic

The VITA ENAMIC polishing sets were developed for reliable, efficient and material-specific surface treatment of hybrid ceramic restorations in dental practices and laboratories. The sets include various polishing instruments for pre- and high-gloss polishing. These instruments are suitable for careful and gentle polishing of occlusal surfaces, cusps, fissures and contact points of the restoration and produce surfaces with exceptional gloss.

Excellent final results:
High Gloss and plaque-resistant surfaces can be produced with these instruments. Precise concentricity, matched grit sizes and the individual geometries of the instruments guarantee results with superior precision.

Simple and safe handling:
The instruments provide superior material removal performance. Good handling and the use without polishing paste enable simple and fast processing.

Gentle and careful processing:
These instruments were developed specifically for the VITA ENAMIC to ensure gentle and careful polishing, reducing the risk of possible microcrack formation.

VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set clinical:
Includes a total of 6 instruments for the contra-angle; 3 instruments for pre-polishing and 3 instruments for high-gloss polishing.

VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set technical:
Includes a total of 6 instruments for the handpiece; 3 instruments for pre-polishing and 3 instruments for high-gloss polishing.

VITA ENAMIC® Polishing Set products

VITA ENAMIC® Polishing Set
Description Prod. no.
VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set clinical EENPSETCV1
VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set technical EENPSETTV1
Polishing instrument technical, Brush, VI-EB17f high-gloss polishing (grey), 3 pcs. ERHEB17F3
Polishing instrument technical, Brush, VI-EB17m pre-polishing (pink), 3 pcs. ERHEB17M3
Polishing instrument technical, wheel, VI-ER15f high-gloss polishing (grey), 6 pcs. ERHER15F6
Polishing instrument technical, wheel, VI-ER15m pre-polishing (pink), 6 pcs. ERHER15M6
Polishing instrument technical, tip, VI-ES5f high-gloss polishing (grey), 6 pcs. ERHES5F6
Polishing instrument technical, tip, VI-ES5m pre-polishing (pink), 6 pcs. ERHES5M6
Polishing instrument clinical, Brush, VI-EB14f high-gloss polishing (grey), 3 pcs. ERWEB14F3
Polishing instrument clinical, Brush, VI-EB14m pre-polishing (pink), 3 pcs. ERWEB14M3
Polishing instrument clinical, cup, VI-EC6f high-gloss polishing (grey), 6 pcs. ERWEC6F6
Polishing instrument clinical, cup, VI-EC7m pre-polishing (pink), 6 pcs. ERWEC7M6
Polishing instrument clinical, lens, VI-EL10f high-gloss polishing (grey), 6 pcs. ERWEL10F6
Polishing instrument clinical, lens, VI-EL10m pre-polishing (pink), 6 pcs. ERWEL10M6
Product info

No. 1924 VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set (Version 003)

No. 1924 VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set (Version 002)

Order blocks

No. 1408M VITA CAD/CAM Materials DENTAL SOLUTIONS (Version 014)

General Risks

General Risks (Version 002)

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