Accessories for VITA Furnaces

From the comprehensive package of accessories, choose your side panel set for individualization, storage tables, vacuum pump, base and other accessories for the perfect setup.

Accessories for VITA Furnaces products

Accessories for VITA Furnaces
Description Prod. no.
Memory stick for VITA VACUMAT 40 T, 4000 PREMIUM T, INCERAMAT 3 T, ZYrcomat T, VACUMAT 6000 M/MP D42300
Cooling table D62100
firing pliers D62102
firing tray round D62103
Firing pad round (Ø 44 mm), 2 pcs. D62104S
Accessories for Sintering furnace
Description Prod. no.
Furnace tweezer for VITA ZYRCOMAT D53003
VITA Sintering dish support, 4 pcs. D53295
Package of 150 g ZrO2 pearls for VITA YZ sinter firing E38002
Individual sintering dish Ø 74 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38006
Individual sintering crucible Ø 80 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38010
Combined pack sintering dish and crucible for VITA ZYrcomat T E38011
Individual sintering dish large Ø 92 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38012
Individual sintering crucible large Ø 100 mm for VITA ZYrcomat T E38013
Combined pack sintering dish and crucible large for VITA ZYrcomat T E38014
Sintering dish for VITA ZYRCOMAT MS E38015